Thank you for your interest in G2 International, Inc.(G2) We are a consulting firm with expertise in investment banking.  Our primary focus is taking private companies public and then assisting those public companies with capitalization, strategic planning and investor relations. We specialize in taking private companies public via reverse merger. We have an extensive network of broker dealers and financial institutions that can provide capital for both start up and well established companies in all sectors. G2 also offers a vast array of investor relations and public relations resources to assist public companies in establishing an active market with liquidity for their stocks.

We offer our clients optimum turnkey solutions as our organization includes individuals with expertise and knowledge in every area required to successfully complete reverse mergers and related financial transactions.  We provide our clients with advice on strategic planning, and offer access to leading personnel in the areas of securities law, SEC accounting, investor relations and other investment banking matters.

As you explore the G2 website, you will find information on the value that we can provide and get an overview of all that G2 International has to offer.  We look forward to working with you, learning more about your organization and it’s unique needs and formulating a successful reverse merger and capitalization strategy.

Prior Transactions

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